Wooden Rose Auctions Ltd is an experienced, second generation auction house, having been in business since September 1999. The founder and administrator have collectively over thirty years working experience in the auction world. Our new owners (our daughter and son-in-law) have been with the company since the beginning.



Wooden Rose Auctions Ltd

Our Rules

We pride ourselves in running our auctions with integrity, in that we present the goods for what they are, describing any deficiencies we detect. Our consigners can be assured strict confidentiality. We respect their need to reserve some items however, we do not allow them to inflate the price by bidding on or buying back their own goods. We do not allow staff to purchase goods from the sale before the auction, but we do allow them to bid competitively at the auction.

Sold is sold, we never reopen a bid for any reason. The Auctioneer has the final say.


All our auctions are conducted live. Bidders are registered and assigned a numbered bid card. By raising your card the auctioneer will acknowledge your bid. Bidding will continue in the manner until there is no advance on the price at this time he will say sold and announce the winning bidder. At Wooden Rose Auctions once we say sold the bidding will never be reopened.

The Auctioneer is the sole recourse for any disputes. Your active bidding and the auctioneer's acceptance of your bid form a legal and binding verbal contact. Our staff are always available to answer your questions.